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This site is under construction as the grad night committee gets set up, but we can't waste any time before getting connected. Please use the form below to subscribe to updates. We will update this site as more info becomes available.

In the meantime. We are looking for a couple volunteers to head specific committees and fundraising programs. Two of the major fundraisers we plan to keep from the last few years are cookies and flocking. We are looking for a few cookie moms or dads (sisters, brothers, uncles aunts and just about anyone else is welcome too) to lead this committee and effort. We are also looking for a Mother Flocker, or a Flock Father to manage the flamingo flocking program as well as volunteers to help run it. If you are interested in running or volunteering for these committees, please shoot us an email at wildcatgradnight@gmail.com

9/16/2021 6:30 pm on zoom - Add to your calendar

Direct link to Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 761 5629 6315
Passcode: r9FE8m

The major business items that will be completed during this meeting are as follows. We are looking to establish a connection and briefly describe the status of the organization, update members on what has happened so far, and upcoming events, introduce key personnel who have been involved so far, accept any executive committee nominations from the floor and vote and install the permanent executive committee. Please visit the "General Meeting" page for more information on agenda, and nominations.

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