About Us

OHHS Grad Night Boosters is a registered S corporation with the state of Washington. In 2021, the grad night boosters ended the annual creation of new corporations and consolidated into a perpetual corporation that will carry over year to year. The organization is governed by a board of directors, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer known as the executive board. Additionally, committees are set up to handle individual tasks and each has a chairman that reports to the executive board. There is no membership fee and all participating parents and community are considered members of the organization. For voting purposes, the executive board and committee chairman will take input from the general membership and vote accordingly.

Executive Board

The interim Executive Board was appointed on June 23rd by the 2021 Executive Board upon their resignation. Once the membership has been grown to a sufficient amount to hold a general meeting, elections will be held to install the 2022 Executive Board permanently.

President - Whitney Parks
Vice President - Stephanie Sydnor
Secretary - Anastacia (Lulu) Ramos
Treasurer - David Guy

Committee Chairmen

Fundraising Committee Chairman - Michelle Powers

Cookie Committee- This could be you
Mother Flockers - Sherrie Burton, Kristina Mayhew, and Tara Dotson

Grad Night Event Committee Chairman - This could be you

Volunteer Coordinator - This could be you

Budget Oversight Committee Chairman - This could be you